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Loved being able to spend the day with my mom and my step-daughter. But most of all, it was so cool to talk and realize that, at some point in time, we have been or are someone's little girl growing up with visions and becoming really great women!

35 Things I Want My Daughter to Know About Girlfriends

35 Things I want my Daughter to Know about Girlfriends [the House of Hendrix}

True friends... So Thankful to have so many in my life (and thrown out the shitty ones who bitch me out for being honest, and they wonder why I rarely was honest. Why would anyone want a friends who asks you to be honest yet bitches you out for doing so?)

What Type of Mom Will You Be?

Mine who supports what makes her child happy regardless of if it goes against what I believe or not - end of the day what's done is done you can only reassure your child you will support them in their right or wrong choices