BWAHAHAHAHA... might have to do this. :D

Too funny!!

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100 funny things to ask Siri... Gonna try

This was obviously made for me.

sad, but true.

I need to print some of these cards out and carry them with me at all times.

My mind is seriously blown

oh my goodness, this is pure genius.

I present, the beard hat (also known as the beardo). $39.99

33 harmless April Fools jokes... I'm gonna be happy I pinned this THESE ARE HILARIOUS

stop following me!

iphone10 hahaha

Hahaha! that is amamzing

I seriously laughed so hard!


Dealing with Spammers. Well played man, well played

Best laugh EVER!!!

hahaha this is great. i want to do this with my friends. :)