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Build an Affordable, Portable and Predator-Proof Chicken Coop - Do It Yourself - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Build this predator-proof, portable chicken coop for your backyard. This new and improved incarnation of the portable chicken coop is designed for three to four chickens, and anybody can build it. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

A mesh floor wired to the base of the chicken coop, to keep out digging foxes. Obviously you need to ensure the door is locked at night!

Predator proofing chicken/duck/goose run- love it. or wrap the wire all the way around the bottom and never have a worry that they can get it!

Low budget suggestions for winter proofing the chicken coop.

Learn how to snake-proof your chicken coop! - Capper's Farmer

simple portable chicken coop plans

Movable chicken coop - chicken coops designs. Perfect! already have kennel and tin. Is there a place in back of coop to easily collect eggs?

Portable Chicken Coop On Wheels | for please let us know.