Door To The World

Baroque door, Paris

Hanging Vines, Sardinia, Italy

A pop of color

Colors - Door

'Metal Rusty Door' Wrap (Faux/Trompe l'oeil Door "sticker" to wrap around an interior door) ~ Wrap is taken from a photo of a door at the Mill City Museum. | Rm Wraps Store


San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Wake up tomorrow and discover a day yet to be lived. Make it your own story, your novel. Go find a secret door, a world undiscovered. Go sit under a tree and imagine all that it has seen. Find a stone in your backyard and make it your own… think of how many years it has lived before you. Go to a vintage shop and buy a small token - you can make up its’ romantic story in your head. Is it a ring? Imagine it was someones engagement ring; that it has seen love and laughter.


love the color

Yemen doors. I love the design of the creamy colored archway in contrast with the weathered blue door.

Turquoise. Purple. Door. Window. Architecture. Moroccan


ancient doorway

doors by Maria Papoila, via Flickr "The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live."