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    Flat head syndrome (also known as Plagiocephaly) in infants has become more common over the past few decades as a side effect of the Back to Sleep campaign, which instructs parents to put babies to sleep on their back in order to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS. In our most recent episode of Move Forward Radio our experts discuss how parents can follow the recommendations of the Back to Sleep campaign while also taking steps to prevent flat spots.

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    How to get baby to love tummy time

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    The American Physical Therapy site has helpful information for women throughout life but also cover many topics involving the childbearing years. Tips include: preparing your body for pregnancy, relieving pregnancy pain, setting up an ergonomic nursery (for parents), and lifting carrying children and topics such as incontinence. There is also a woman's health FREE downloadable e-book.

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Great stuff to know if you are pregnant or have a newborn. Flat head is so much more common now that we are told to lay our babies on their backs.

November is National Family Caregivers Month. In our most recent episode of Move Forward Radio a home health physical therapist discusses the demands on a caregiver, and how to best prepare for the demanding role.

The tortle is a beanie designed for babies under 6 months to help re-position their heads while laying down so that flat spots do not occur. I wish this had been out just a few years ago when mine were babies!

For athletes who have suffered an injury, return to play may depend on how well they tackle head games. That's the focus of the latest Move Forward Radio podcast, which examines the psychological toll of sports injuries and its potential effect on an athlete’s return to play. The podcast was recorded in light of recent studies indicating that fear of reinjury is common among athletes with anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears who don’t return to their sport.

5 Tummy Time Tips for Baby Play- great way to keep your baby engaged! Leah @ Simple. Home. Blessings.

Tummy Time ~ Why it's important and how to make tummy time enjoyable for your baby.

Move to live. Move to go. Move to make progress and move to be!!! Whatever you do in life move forward with everything you do and stay active while you do it!

A new documentary, Pain Matters, which premiered on the Discovery Channel, examines chronic pain with health care experts and profiles several individuals who have battled the illness. Move Forward Radio talks to three people featured in the film, and a physical therapist who treats chronic pain.