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WHOA! TOTALYY smelling bananas! YAY no more red heads!! And yes when you really hate someone EVERYTHING they do irritates you!! Yuck

Ten psychological facts…I don't know their truth but they sound interesting.

50 Things You Don’t Need to Know

We've made computers the size of an average sized book and moderately sized cars that run on a battery and yet nobody knows why the quack from a duck doesn't echo?

Things that you probably don’t know…

21 Interesting General Knowledge Facts…

but the electrons in the atoms are moving so fast it basically takes up the empty space in the atoms resulting in them basically a whole.

Here is a fact not mentioned above: A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N is the proper way to spell American.

I literally said wtf to some of these

Let's just talk about the woman with 69 kids for a sec. Lol

I must admit to the third one..... Anything with an odd number I am uncomfortable with.