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I remember an older neighbor getting his first car, a Pinto, and hooking up an 8 Track and jamming Boston (circa 1976).

1976 The Panasonic "Dynamite 8" portable 8-track player is without a doubt the coolest gadget of the 8-track era. You change the track by hitting the plunger. In a classic marketing pitch it was endorsed by none other than Jimmie "Dyno-mite!" Walker!

This is awesome. Anyone from the 80's remember these things? I think those with an iPod don't have cassettes anymore. :)

Columbia Record Club

Cost of Living - 1971


Remember these football games? These were IT back in the day. Multi-player too.

Original Atari Pong C-100 Game from 1976 - TechEBlog

1976 Sony STR-6800SD Stereo Receiver Vintage Electronics Print Advertisement

Wasmachine met wringer

Vintage 1976 Panasonic Red Television by jessjamesjake on Etsy, $75.00

1976 Little Professor. http://retro-gizmo.blogspot.com/2012/06/little-professor.html

The first laser printer 1976

Original Eau de Cologne - 4711

Kodak's first prototype digital camera 1976 Source: Historical Pics

Heroes for Hire - Kung Fu Tough Guy + One Bad Mother Tough Guy

Fido Dido, bekend van de 7-up reclame


De "vier kleuren"pen

ik ruik het nog......

Wasmachine met wringer