• Hope Hall

    Octopus Tattoo Designs (7)

  • Marissa Ann

    Colored squid tattoo

  • Amanda

    This is really similar to what I want for myself... Except I want an octopus and no color. I also dont want it so much across my chest, but more wrapped around my shoulder/back/arm. I will be getting this when I save up enough, and it is for a close friend I lost this year. He was in my class and died in a skateboarding accident on our graduation day. His favorite animal was an octopus and he wanted a tattoo of one. I've always wanted one as well so I am dedicating it to him. I also want it to say "Roll Forever" somewhere on it for him. R.I.P Forest

  • Esmeralda Thrace

    octopus or squid chest and shoulder tattoo .. such a pretty blue color

  • Judith Borsboom

    Amazing Blue Ink Octopus Tattoo

  • Judy Cox

    blue tattoos

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