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If you ever hear me drunkenly say "No breaking the pact!" while I stumble around the town in heels, you'll know what I'm referring to. <3 JennaMarbles

Marrying your shoes before going out - This is what some girls NEED to do. Who knows what kind of germs are on the club floor?

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imagine seeing this running at you at night time in the middle of a forrest.That's pretty freaky to imagine.

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45 Hilariously Relatable Jenna Marbles Quotes That Are Words To Live By

Jenna Marbles pick-up lines…oh how I love Jenna...

Jenna Marbles pick-up lines…

Funny pictures about Jenna Marbles pick-up lines. Oh, and cool pics about Jenna Marbles pick-up lines. Also, Jenna Marbles pick-up lines.

This is why I love little kids

The brother one got me right in the feels.

It's raining - must protect hair with laptop . OMG Some people really don't know that most electronics are not water resistant !

Jenna marbles

Makes me LOL for real! i was supposed to have a nice body this summer but there's a small problem. i love food!

Jenna marbles

Morning coffee (39 photos)

Funny pictures about What Pitbull taught me. Oh, and cool pics about What Pitbull taught me. Also, What Pitbull taught me.

apply cold water to the burned area -> PERSASSY STRIKES AGAIN!<--- I was going to re pin anyway but that made it better!<-------Can someone explain to me WHY ON EARTH Annnabeth let him grow out his hair?<------- Can someone explain to me WHY ON EARTH this chick is flirting with a taken man? <<<< MAYBE THAT IS ANNABETH AND THEY'RE JOKING AROUND<< Yes!<<< at least they got the hair right

It's Tuesday.

Just Logan Lerman!) percy jackson b.)pirates/bucaneers needs to watch this movie!: The three musketeers