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Nothing is more damaging to you than to do something that you believe is wrong

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People wonder how I can make such bold and (in their opinion) risky moves in my life and career. But to me the riskiest thing is to ignore my instincts and pursue things that I don't believe in.

What it really should say is "Not all Blacks are criminals, not all Whites are innocent,but ignorance comes in all colors."

If you can't see past color and see the bigger picture and see we all must come together take the racist shit elsewhere and step


Quote - Don't call me "baby", "babe", or "love" unless I'm the only one you're calling that.

God sent them to you for a reason

when someone comes into your life god sent them for a reason, either to learn from them or to be with them till the end.

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wiz khalifa quotes - The guy is good, but clearly never spent much.time with a hormonal pregnant woman. We can cry the same thing on a daily basis, if not hourly!

Real men are faithful to their woman in every way. Real men don't look for another woman, occupy their time with porn, go to strip clubs, engage in inappropriate staring/activity with other women, mistreat their woman physically, verbally, emotionally, or spiritually. Real men love their girlfriend/wife/mother of their children wholeheartedly, stand by their commitment, make time for their woman, take responsibility, fix mistakes, & show their true feelings every way possible every day.

Real men stay faithful, no time to look for another woman, to busy looking for new ways to love their own

Just give us a chance please

if u give me a chance if u give us a chance i will spend the rest of my life proving 2 u that u made the right decision xx

Gotta love Johnny Depp quotes. It's so true...the point is to do something that will change the world, not destroy it.

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