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    Letter To My Husband – Simply. I Love You.

    99 things you might be thankful for about your husband. Pick out one every day and email or text it to hubby and make his day!

    101 things to do for your husband!

    I liked this list. And the quote in the middle about the difference between managing an organization and leading a family.

    6 Ways to Love Your Husband Even Better- I loved this just being intentional about the things you do in your marriage makes a world of difference.

    30 Day Husband Challenge - Biblically based. Great ideas for encouraging your husband. So sweet!

    I already say these things! Great advise!! No matter how things change, men will always be Men, and want to be treated like Men. I like being treated like a lady. Sexist? Yes. And I don't care. We are very happy and treat each other with respect and much love. That's what it's all about ❤️

    Or so she says...: Loving Your Husband ~ HIS Way ( new little babe!)

    Words of Affirmation for Your Husband - Mama Knows It All

    5 Reasons to Praise Your Husband | Time-Warp Wife

    Ways To Improve Marriage & FREE Bible Study Resource!

    This is the BEST advice anyone can give. People say they are just venting, but others don't forgive and forget the things you say about your husband because they don't love him like you do. Sometimes the only way people know your husband is through you. Build him up. Always.

    Five Way to Make Your Husband Feel Loved. Awesome marriage advice. So many good ideas. #marriage #advice

    7 Ways to Praise Your Husband for 7 Days


    Mold me now into the person my future husband needs me to be.

    I like that:)

    74 things you can do to brighten your spouse's day. Future reference.

    Dear Husbands, I ve heard from your wife---she needs your attention. She tells me she s lonely. She feels isolated and ignored. Her life is wrapped around children, work, and/or household chores. She used to feel in love with life, and in love with you, but now she feels worthless and uninteresting. She feels like she s forgotten how to have fun.

    25 ways to communicate respect to your husband

    10 compliments your husband needs to hear