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Touchy Feely: Find about 10 common items around house (i.e. remote control, pen, tooth brush, etc) and place item in a paper or cloth bag. Pass items around for guests to feel. Only allowed 10-15 seconds to hold bag, then must pass to next guest. Should have pen and paper to write down guesses. Guest with most correct answers wins.

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September Shades

Wrap clear bottles or jars with pretty papers tied with string. perfect as a table centerpiece

Bridal Shower Games from our Visitors What's In the Bag contributed by Lequel Before hand, have the host of the bridal shower make up a list of items that any women would have in her purse. Such as lip stick, cell phone, pens, pictures of family, etc. Assign each item a point value. The person with the most points wins the game.

Great site for candy buffets! Can search by color, size, theme, etc. Super cool site. Of course after I've purchased my candy.

You can be sure that people will want to know how the couple met and other mushy details. A week before the event, have the groom answer a list of questions. Put the answers and the questions on sheets of paper and put them in a bowl. When the bride picks up a gift to open, the guest gets to pick a question from the bowl. The bride has to answer the question before opening her gift.