This year, I wish for ~ my family to continue to be blessed with good health, happiness and to be safe. I wish for and dream of world peace, every suffering child, and person on earth, to be filled with love and hope, and for everyone to remember our men and women in the military service.

allium from nyc sketchbook Caitlin Mcgauley



Pink and Coral Watercolor Bird Feathers Painting, Original 8x10 pretty sure i could do this...

Soft and pretty light.

This is a picture of my Great,great,great, Auntie Fairy Beatrice Glowpot..She loved to flirt and play!

how to paint your own dandelions

Dandelion Flower Watercolor Art

Pretty watercolour seahorse http://theberry.com/2012/05/23/whats-my-favorite-color-all-of-em-29-photos-6/beautiful-colorful-5-6/

Stijn Rietman Overblown

Blenda Tyvoll



Dandelion pattern

easy home decor. Tutorial on how to make a dandelion painting


Flow with the wind...

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