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While this new wash station can't make campers wash their hands, it can make it easier, and prevent a soaking; all while conserving water. Pumping water, even with a foot pump, requires effort so you know water use will be kept to a bare minimum...letting gravity spill it on the ground is easy... and fast! The same 5 gallons now lasts all day even with everyone washing their hands for meals.

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Outlife Four Seasons Tent

The Four Seasons Tent - It can maintain temperature inside when the outdoor temperature gets as cold as -20°C or as hot as 60°C.

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10 best gadgets to have on a camping trip

This could definitely be helpful in places where electricity is less than regular! Solarmonkey Adventurer Solar Charger Takes You Far Off Grid.

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How to Wash Dishes in Camp

How to Wash Dishes in Camp - No sink? No problem. Here's a step-by-step guide to backcountry dish scrubbing.

Collapsible Silicone Teakettle -- recommended by a reader (I haven't seen it or used it, but looks interesting if you don't use your teakettle too often and want something that doesn't take up much storage space) -- holds 1 quart of water

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Turn a Shoe Organizer into the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen Organizer

Camping Kitchen Organizer, because you know you want it... A place to store all of your crap when camping... I mean, it has been packed away for the winter, so why not air it out? Let everyone know how much stuff you have, so they can borrow it... #Camping #Outdoors #Storage


Mountain Hardwear Stronghold Tent: 10-Person 4-Season

Mountain Hardwear Stronghold Tent: 10-Person 4-Season. Big enough to live in if necessary.

Helinox Cot One This camping cot floats your tired carcass off the cold/wet/rocky/uneven ground improving your wilderness slumber by a thousand. At just 4.4-pounds it collapses down to fit easily in your pack and yet it comfortably support campers up to 330-pounds. $300