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frog squat- best butt and lower body exercise ever!

Butt ~ Legs ~ Body Motivation @carmelspaz you said you wanted to show me a pic of what you aspire to look like; this is what I aspire

how to sculpt your butt- miss new booty

Amazing body! I love all this. You can learn only good things.

Can I have your body? Okay, thanks.

ing jax, 170 squats, 110 leg lifts, 1 min of girl push ups, 2 mins of in place lunges one minutes for each leg nd running/walking for 10 minutes up hills or around the block. i hope this inspires girls to GET ACTIVE! EAT HEALTHY! AND STAY FIT! this is forr my bffaea jenny antonelli for her inspiratonal tumblr to help

Website- Select what part of your body you want to work on and it will give you different exercises for that specific area.

For the mind, body and soul!

yoga :]

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Squat & Reach - It's a functional workout, which targets several muscle groups in your body. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, slowly squat down below 90 degrees keeping your back straight. Next stand tall & reach with dumbbell to the opposite shoulder. Repeat & alternate sides. Do 20-30 reps x 3-4 sets.

Butt workout!

Learn more how to achieve great body...

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