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    Pop Open Address/Phone Number Book. My grandma had one hanging on the wall near her telephone.

    The 1st phone I remember having didn't even have a dial. When one picked up the receiver, an operator asked, "Number please?" My phone # was 1159J and my aunt's was 1036W. This was the early 1950s.

    I always wanted one of these phones.

    Phone Booth

    Bell telephone 1960's

    remember these?

    Remember this?

    We had the yellow set

    1970's rotary dial phone

    yes, we did call people like this!!

    Vintage Phones

    Phone Etiquette, c1950s.

    remember these?

    Taking the phone off the hook when you didn't want to be disturbed

    Member these...

    Princess Phone - what princess didn't want one?! "It's little, it's lovely, it lights." Pure genius in a vintage ad.

    Old Rotary Pay Phone - Calls were 10 cents.

    a rapidly vanishing part of American culture..

    1950's payphone