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    • HollyR

      Buying government -- good time to put this one back on the board again too. Do a Google on "Billionaire's Coup". The goal right now is to take over entirely the GOP party. They don't care if Vulture/Voucher get elected. They are taking over from the ground-level up, state govts, courts, media. The real 1984 is just a little late getting here, but Orwell had it pegged.

    • CaroLovesThat

      Truth be told... #life #lessons #inspirational #worlds #revolution #protest #true #feminism #equality #poverty #compassion #empathy #journalism #justice #homophobia #racism #social #discrimination #quotes #signs #politicians #religion #democracy

    • Frank Noe

      Let the rich get rich FAIRLY! Why are we funding the rich at the expense of our middle class??

    • Random Person

      Lobbying= legalized bribery. Get money OUT of politics!

    • Maria S.

      Truth be told...although I have a problem with greed and money hoarding. If you must then keep your hands off politics!

    • rolf neumann

      "I don't mind you being Rich, I mind you BUYing MY GOVernment." Reality for the 99.9% of us who cannot buy votes & senators. Recall congress & elect a 3rd party president. Republicans & Democrats are clearly different sides of same coin, working for same evil ends. This country is rich in resources & should be prospering!

    • Nichole Victoria

      You would think people that protect the rich and try to look down on the left as lazy poor people when more than half of the right is in the exact boat as what they see the left as would get such a simple concept. They are too brainwashed to see that truth though.

    • Wild Wings Homestead

      .Exactly why I won't vote, your vote does not count, because your vote has already been pre chosen by a rich person, a corporation trying to slide something under the rug, yet sheeple will fill the voting booths thinking that their thoughts count for something, when the only count that is being done is how many people are still buying the lie.

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    To illustrate just how absurd the right-wing has become, take a look at these actual proposals, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, for responding to Obama's executive action to reform immigration policy.

    A quote from the doctor who conducted a mental evaluation of Alice Paul while she was locked up for picketing the White House. President Wilson was hoping for a diagnosis that would afford him the opportunity to lock Paul away in an asylum in order to silence her. The doctor, instead, chose to afford Alice Paul her right to continue the fight.

    Our society needs to stop slut shaming and victim blaming = rape culture. #feminism #human #rights

    GOP policy

    First of all, nobody gave women anything. It makes me furious when I hear that men gave us Suffrage, excuse me? It took 72 yrs of unrelenting unbroken, organizing grassroots effort to get Women's Suffrage. It took 113 yrs to get rid of child labor by law. It took similarly long periods of organized effort to accomplish any advance in social policy... Rule #1: Nobody gave us anything. We women had to fight every inch of the way for every advance against constant resistance. - Gerda Lerner

    Pro-Lifers: You're asking pregnant women to have fewer rights than a corpse.

    HEY DEMOCRATS! If you just get off your ass and VOTE, WE WIN! IT'S THAT SIMPLE!

    "What Women Deserve" – Some conservative groups are promoting their anti-abortion efforts with the slogan "Women deserve better." Watch renowned slam poet Sonya Renee expose the unbelievable hypocrisy of these organizations and explain what exactly women deserve. | I feel such intense love for this woman right now. AMAZING.


    Susan Wicklund

    Remember, prior to legalized abortion, the #1 killer of American women was abortion. Sarah Weddington, Winning Attorney, Roe v. Wade. Can you imagine a world where you'd have to prove you or your child was raped to get help??? Or a young girl dying of an illegal abortion?

    Speaking of republicans....

    Elizabeth Warren’s Rousing ‘Power to the People’ Speech Run Liz, run !!!

    Thank You, President Obama and Democrats For Standing Up & Fighting For Affordable Health Care Which Is A Basic Human Right And For Working To Better This Country While Republicans in Congress Continues Obstruction.

    This is really insane in this day and age.

    Republicans in the Supreme Court are as honest as republicans in congress, shocker.

    Independently owned and operated

    I refuse to apologize for being a liberal. I was raised to think for myself.

    Over 30,000 people per year are killed with guns in America and nothing changes. Mass Murder is a terrorist act.


    You can all worship a rock for all I care, just don't throw it at me.


    Susan B Anthony pummeled and arrested for attempting to vote in 1872. She was fined for registering to vote.

    Change this now. Make this a priority.