Thomas Jefferson - He understood that Christianity was NEVER one of the world's religions but rather it was made by the true God. Different "religions" within Christianity were NOT made by God. - To find more Famous Quote pictures go to >> http://The-Secret-to-Success.org/2013/05/pictures-worth-a-thousand-words-famous-quote-pictures/

wake up people

Which Middle Eastern Country respects our flag and our nation?.....only ONE! And Obama is going to ruin this. VOTE OBAMA OUT in November!!!

women. are. awesome.

the US sends more $ over seas than any other country in the world...unfortunately it goes into their corrupt governments and the truly poor never see it.

List Of Elites That Run The Federal Reserve.1)Lord Jacob de Rothchild 2)his son Nathaniel 3)Baron de Rothchild 4)Sir Evelyn de Rothchild 5)Nathan Warburg 6)David Rockefeller 7)Henry Kissinger 8)George Soros 9)Paul Volker 10) Larry Summer 11)Lloyd Blankfein 12)Ben Shalom. Soon they will also run the New World Order.

DON"T let this happen!

Sad but true....

When will they tell the truth about this?

United States Constitution

. "The duty of a true Patriot is to protect his country from its government." – Thomas Paine

Obama executive orders

Gov't : You need to learn to live with less. --- While uncontrollably spending on the backs of Taxpayers.

This is why home invaders always leave when they invade a home full of unarmed residents, right?

Our Government, hard at work to Silence the American People!


Value freedom.

The next time you hear someone praising a government, any government, for its granting of liberty and gift of freedom, remember that governments do not give you freedom; God gave you freedom, governments take it away.