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Amazing book and a quick read. I recommend it for ages 16 and up! His story is so inspiring and makes you want to change the way you look at life.

Book Vending Machine. WHERE ARE THESE THINGS?!?! WHAT?!!! ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~ why are we not funding this!?

If you don’t know what to read right now…book club books

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch | 26 Books That Will Change The Way You See The World

Just what everyone needs to be reminded of sometimes. Inspirational, emotional, & words you will always remember

It’s a nonfiction book about Pausch, who is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given a few months to live. Before he passed, he wrote this...

I need a sign that says this for when I'm in the break room reading and people confuse that for my wanting to interact with them.

The Woods by Harlan Coben / Paul Copeland is still grieving the loss of his sister 20 years ago - the night she walked into the woods and never was seen again. Now a man has been murdered and links Cope to the crime. Could it be the boy that disappeared along with his sister 20 yrs ago?

A book is good company. It is full of conversation without loquacity. It comes to your longing with full instruction, but pursues you never. ~ Henry Ward Beecher

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