Wow!! Now, isn't this one super super beautiful bird with her chicks?? It's a peahen with her chicks. #God #spirituality #nature #bird #birds #animals #animal #animals #beautiful #beauty

Most People: Aww, a mama hippo kissing her baby. :0) ME: OMG.. That baby hippo looks like a dick. Is this hippo porn?

Bathing Capybaras by Kotaro Yokoyama.... I don't know why but this makes me giggle!

Animal photography - peacock colors are a little dull

I <3 birds

This is one of the most colorful birds I have ever seen. A parrot's COLORS is about depicting Nature at its most magnificent moment. It's color are so rich that they nearly border fantasy. I really love the look this pic, it's composition, and depth of field, and most certainly this bird.

love birds <3

Babies#Baby Animals #cute baby Animals|

PeaHen with Chick...

Baby giraffe <3

Baby Chick


Egret with chicks

American Avocet with chick

Arctic Tern Chick | Flickr

Sandhill Crane & chick

This Grizzly Bear was attacked by two insects that sent it on a wild snapping spree.

This is a Boston Terrier puppy. Boston Terriers make great family pets, because they are good with children. These dogs are small, and usually 10-25 pounds, which makes them a bit unsuitable for breeding. They can live up to 13-15 years or more! :)

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This chick.

langur monkeys. I don't generally like to pin photos of captivated wild animals, but these two have so much humanity and awareness in their eyes, I make an exception.