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Wow!! Now, isn't this one super super beautiful bird with her chicks?? It's a peahen with her chicks. God's creatures!


Baby Hippo Kissing Her Mother

Baby hippo kissing her mother

Bathing Capybaras by Kotaro Yokoyama.... I don't know why but this makes me giggle!

Gorilla parenting skills are among the most developed in the animal kingdom. Mothers can expect to invest years caring for their vulnerable offspring. Although male gorillas do not take an active role in caring for infants, they play an important role in their socialization.

This is from a A blog celebrating all fat birds. Its one of the most colorful birds I have ever seen. I love COLORS is about depicting Nature at its most magnificent moment. I have never seen a non Peacock bird with such Rich Blues and yellows. It borders

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40 Photos Of Baby Giraffes

Baby giraffe <3

Grizzly Bear - Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. por Myles Green en Flickr

langur monkeys. I don't generally like to pin photos of captivated wild animals, but these two have so much humanity and awareness in their eyes, I make an exception.