simply put...there's too many good books not to like and read them, you're really missing out if ya don't read

Did you seriously expect me to converse with you while I'm in the middle of a book?

I thought this was another "Oh you use a kindle? Ppfffft you're not a fangirl. You don't read. that doesn't count as reading." But then I was like "AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN"

Problems of a Book Nerd... Jen Click


It's true...



go away im reading mug – Shirtoopia #books #reading #coffee

As a teacher, I suffer from a broken heart daily.


you got that right!

reading is my escape

Too true.

Once again, so many books, so little time. . .

Lol true!

So very true!

So true!

Wait people don't process every detail of a book the first time to almost repeat the whole story to another person??