I am an avid reader, I have read all my life... I produced two children who have never picked up a book willingly....I don't think either one of them know who Nicholas Sparks is or Lois Lowery is........what a shame.

Did you seriously expect me to converse with you while I'm in the middle of a book?

Problems of a Book Nerd... Jen Click

It's true...


As a teacher, I suffer from a broken heart daily.



The book is always better.




Books vs. sleep

story of my life. Harry Potter, i am still crying over the loss.... and the hunger games, and the girl with the dragon tattoo and anything by jennifer lancaster or stacy ballis.

It's true.

See also: used book stores with books stacked everywhere and so haphazardly arranged that you spend hours there.

So true

Bookfessions 961: The highest compliment I can receive is someone reading a book after I recommended it.

once again out of shelf space.


Nerd girl problems