The Reading Corner: Thinking about Non Fiction and Math Daily 5

This fun game can be used to help children revise mental math facts, times tables and simple mathematical equations.

Game: true/false math facts I would use this when teaching about adding multiple numbers. I would have students do this in math centers. I really like how students have to work out all of the problems and then decide if they are true or false.

Great visual!

Sommen met wasknijpers

Math Coachs Corner: Using Math Stretches for a Daily Warm-Up. Just like athletes warm up before a strenuous workout, mathematicians need to have a warm-up to get their brains focused on math.

Love this! The sticks have different number sentences to make the number. This could easily be adapted to give descriptions of historical people, events, time periods, and then have students sort them.

I love every single thing about this activity. It gets the kids physically involved in learning how numbers work together. This is a thing of beauty!

Place Value puzzles!!

Finger Twister Game - $4.99 // I bet you could easily make this for a simple party favor. Or for tables for guest to play with while waiting for food.

Great website with Math ideas and printables

Missing Addend Freebie

Math Games With Cards | Rachel K Tutoring Blog


Keep Teaching and Planning!: Number Sense activities and freebies!

Part-Part-Whole Math

math games

3rd Grade Math Centers - 3.OA.4 Reinforce multiplication properties with an "expression concentration" game.

I love this idea!

Math Teacher - Halloween Costume

gain & loss math game