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    Paper School Report Card



    • Dan Theman

      School Report Card... some A's, some B's, some C's, and once or twice a D. That was about what my report cards looked like.

    • Kenneth Meyer

      Paper School Report Card. I remember my parents would have to sign the back of it and I would return it the next day. Yep.. me too.

    • Victoria Morgan

      Vintage School Report Card. Had fairly good grades all during my schooling, but certainly was not on the honor roll very often. Grade school was the best for me. Those were years a kid could be a kid .

    • Gina Reischman

      Vintage School Report Card. Under "talking" I would always get my only "I" for needs improvement!

    • Vicki Kramer

      Paper School Report Card....I still have mine from Oakdale Elementary School in Barberton Ohio

    • Val Kerr

      Vintage School Report Cards. I must be 'vintage'. I had these in elementary school :)

    • Lisa Andreuccetti McMahon

      Vintage School Report Card. Mine looked just like this in elementary school!

    • Dawn Doolin

      Vintage School Report Card....hee hee how I dreaded these coming in the mail

    • Lori Padgett

      Paper School Report Card ~ Childhood Memories

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    before computers

    Blackboards instead of Whiteboards

    sloutch socks. I loved these

    Lockers and combo locks.

    report cards.. and your parents had to sign and return! It was actually a CARD and not a piece of paper

    "Sewing Cards"

    Paper sack book you can buy fancy stretchy ones, but back then...we made them. hahaj

    Every classroom had a chalk holder for making lines or staffs on the board.

    Lane Cedar Boxes ~ I still have mine! Our local furniture store gave them out when I was in high school to all the senior girls.

    Hahaha, I remember doing that!

    Love's Baby Soft....yup I definitely had this

    Many of my fondest elementary school memories involved being allowed to write on the transparency film on the overhead projector!

    Junior High Style Note Folding

    paper fortune -wow,how many of them did I make and play with on recess

    I spent many hours playing hop scotch on the street.

    plastic pencil box with sharpener and sliding multiplier/divider

    Not knowing the answer so go with "C" & hope for the best!

    Tiddly Winks - loved playing this!

    Autograph books

    library card catalog ---almost a relic in today's electronic age