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  • Joy Ryan

    Ravelry: Project Gallery for Trillions of Triangles pattern by Ellen Gormley

  • Idon'tknow whydoyouneedtoknow

    The Trillions of Triangles afghan by Ellen Gormley in her book Go Crochet! Afghan Design. granny squares

  • Susan Wacholtz

    Trillions of Triangles - how about in Christmas colors? or one of my kids favorites?

  • Linden Mueller

    beautiful afghan #crochet

  • maria diaz

    Trillions of Triangles, blanket crochet by Ellen Gormley

  • Rekha Jo

    The Trillions of Triangles afghan by Ellen Gormley in her book Go Crochet! Afghan Design Workbook

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With very neutral colors for the room, I love the idea of the bright colorful afghan and rug. ( I want more color in my walls- but I like this look too)

Gorgeous crocheted basket weave afghan by lovinghandscrochet. It took the crafter over 65 hours to make! There is no pattern available, but everyone should see how lovely it is. And if you are able, it's truly worth the one-of-a-kind asking price of $410. I so would love to be able to make this!! So awesome

I love making a huge granny square afghan or pillow. Goes fast and is relaxing to make.

Love these blankets... Bethany Salvon - I could use a new blanket... :)

Crocheting hearts is actually really simple

These are on Etsy so there are no instructions for this one. Only one of them are crochets and it's a plain pattern.The account is in Japanese or Chinese but I thought the shoes were cute. I've just never tried to make shoes before. I started out needing a pair of leather bottom shoes for my "Earthing". I thought I could use these as a jumping off point!

fabulous. Isn't this pretty? You can use shades of any color, and it will look different every time.