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  • Melissa Young
    Melissa Young • 3 years ago

    The last time I flew out to see my sailor, I saw a guy in sweatpants that said "NAVY." 3 weeks later when I flew back home, I saw a guy in a NAVY shirt. I could've sworn it was the same guy!!!

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I'm learning do this often, and its something I appreciate about myself. Once you get used to it, you just stop being ridiculous.

Even after all this time, I am still in the stage of being completely obsessed with you and that smile.

"I get butterflies just thinking about the next time I'll see you." #crush #butterflies #love

This is so me, that it is ridiculous!! {Looking back; I find that this is where my anxiety has effected me the most; when I want so desperately to sleep.} 1-22-13

I was lucky enough to have one of those "movie" type reunions where the whole world disappeared and the only thing in the whole Newark New Jersey airport was the man I loved coming down the gang plank. One of my most treasured memories.

you know you're in love with someone in the military when you feel instantly connected to that stranger with the military bumper sticker. -- ..I am guilty of this.

Been here. Not to mention the 3 years we lived on opposite sides of the world!

Seeing someone in uniform and missing your sailor. #NavySoMoments Living in a multi base area you can't go 5 seconds with seeing it.

Hate to go back to Sea duty and have my hubby deploy but nothing beats the feeling of having him back after hes been gone.

Got a surprise visit this weekend from my daughter and it was one of the best hugs. Miss those hugs so much.

Spending Time With Dad. The result of our wars. Awww, how heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time.