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Glenn needs this so badly - i will make this happen for him ♥

DIY Ferret Tunnel Wall... need to re think this one for my Python!!! clear tubes all over the house connecting her to a terrarium in each room?!?! HELL YES!

How To Make A Ferret Shoe Bed, Ferrets Magazine

Ferret toys. I need to start finding ferret toys and items (other than food and treats) on sale and start saving up on them

kitten grows up with ferrets *_* Julianna Moreno okay we can get a kitty, a bunny, & a ferret!

Dr Jen Girard here at Blair takes care of our adorable ferret patients!

Teddy bear. Just show anyone who says they do not like ferrets this. They will want to hug him.

Ferrets Are The Best. Wish I could get over the smell:(

She's on a high dose of Prednisone now