not your average 5 pound note

mixed media portrait http://poppytalk.blogspot.com/2011/06/new-show-boreas-with-lisa-congdon-sarah.html

thanks ashby - Lisa Congdon / modern color / historic patterning.

International Times (IT) 1971

“ International Times (IT) 1971 ”

Jen Lee Diamond in the Rough Brown Distressed Wood Wall Art

Diamond in the Rough (Pinewood) by Marmont Hill at Gilt Liza

fotobehang graffitti

Photo Wall Mural GRAFFITI WALL kids wall decor Wallpaper Wall art Youth in Home & Garden, Home Improvement, Building & Hardware, Wallpaper & Accessories, Wallpaper Murals

consumer campaign

Another FDA Consumer magazine cover by Michael David Brown - November His work looks so familiar.

of paper and things: works on paper | andy ness

works of the extroidinare andy ness of paper and things: works on paper

LipstickPortals | PAPERFASHION

by Katie Rodgers aka paperfashion

Sandra Dieckmann

Dreamy Nature-Inspired Illustrations by Sandra Dieckmann

illustration - ❣ Relicário ❣ - makemyworldburn.tumblr.com Google translate ;) : Crazy like your mother XD

Loca como tu madre / Crazy as your momma by DerbyBlue