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5 Documentaries Every Career Girl Should Watch (CAREER GIRL DAILY)

5 Documentaries Every Career Girl Should Watch | CAREER GIRL DAILY | Bloglovin'

A Splintered Dream by Chuck Walsh. The Come-Back-Kid Story of the Decade Success and failure in America's Game Every woman's 'dream man', every man's icon - baseball, fame, love and fortune found, lost and given back a hundred fold. In the same league as The Natural with Redford and The Rookie with Quaid. Unforgettable. A Splintered Dream is a story of starting over. Driven, with rich characters, strong in faith and unyielding determination, this book is definitely a page-turner. Cape...

Second Chance to Dream: Free Printable 2017 Goals Printable #goals #2017 #success

Meal Prep: A Beginner’s Guide will set you up for success with your healthy lifestyle! Whether you’ve never tried meal prepping before, or if you’ve tried but felt too intimidated to continue– this eBook will guide you to making your meal prep lifestyle as effective, efficient and easy as possible!

I'm here to show you that creating an online business that replaces your income so you can ESCAPE YOUR DAY JOB is not as hard as one might think. My wife and I "retired" from our day jobs when we were 30 following this guide. Read the full, complete, action packed guide to Escaping Your Day Job here.

TT - I actually took a course with this book and received a certification and now run a successful business with what I have learned from the International Association of Professional Career College. You can take the course, just buy the book or of course or buy my products, either way it is GREAT information.