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    Women bootleggers during prohibition. You go girls!

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    • Sue Alexander

      Women bootleggers - Prohibition. So not exactly inspirational but I like the idea that women can do all sorts of things.

    • Annie Agars

      There is not a fast car in the frame, but how can you doubt that they had one? Sisters Guarding Family Moonshine Business -- Florence Friermuth and Susie Friermuth Doffing pose after they were arrested for moonshining. The sisters guarded stills on their family's farm near Saint Paul, Minnesota, during Prohibition.

    • Jean C Antonelli

      Sisters Guarding Family Moonshine Business, ca. 1921 Two sisters, Florence Friermuth and Susie Friermuth Doffing, pose in their guarding positions after they were arrested for moonshining. The sisters guarded stills on their familys farm near Saint Paul, Minnesota during Prohibition. | Location: near Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA.

    • Penella Rogers

      Sisters guarding the family moonshine business -- Florence Friermuth and Susie Friermuth Doffing - pose after being arrested. The sisters guarded stills on their family's farm near Saint Paul, Minnesota, during Prohibition.

    • Linda Chumbley

      Women Bootleggers (c.1932) with the passage of the 18th Amendment or the Volstead Act, the manufacture, transportation, and sale of intoxicating liquors were banned, ushering in the period known as Prohibition. Bootlegging was the illegal production, sale, and smuggling of liquor. It ushered in speakeasies, and caused a rise in gang violence and crime causing support for Prohibition to dwindle. In 1933, the 21st Amendment repealing the 18th was ratified bringing the Prohibition era to a close.

    • Dee Dee

      Sisters guarding the family moonshine business during prohibition.

    • Berigan Taylor

      Two female bootleggers during the US Prohibition Era 1920s

    • Muli Helfman

      20 Photos from the Days of Prohibition

    • Mary Dahm

      Women bootleggers, prohibition era

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