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  • Rachel Waldner

    cute flower crowns for flower girls and a cute walking away pic

  • Maya Keller


  • Anna White - 2dayIchoose

    Two little girls running through a meadow with flower crowns on their heads #nature #photography #landscape #views #places #girls #friendship #flowers #crownbands #bonding #fun #playing #meadow #field

  • Gayla Chiriaco

    girls wearing floral wreaths

  • ryam teran:

    pretty little girls in pretty floral crowns in a pretty field.

  • Nakkita Skye

    this is soo cute... our little girls will be such best friends

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alisa this is us if we had been friends when we were lil! =D but i probably wouldve been talking about bugs and dirt or something! =D

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drinking from the hose...i can't remember if we couldn't come inside or if we simply didn't want to come inside, or maybe both...but i know we drank from the hose and liked it.

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Energy may be unseen, but it is real. Think, speak, and act with positive energy... Think Peace and act with Love.