Sony Bravia.

Lacoste "The Big Leap" - BETC Paris

Western Spaghetti

Honda "Hands" - YouTube

Sony Bravia Ball Bounce Commercial- I really enjoy watching this ad and it is another that I can watch again and again. The advert as a whole flows and it isnt too intense. The first shot of a bouncy ball is already in motion so you dont see the begginnig. The frog makes it humerous and is a little added extra to make it more real. I feel the music really does flow with the ad and each piece fits together nicely. I think it works.

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Sony Bravia Bouncy Balls Full HD 1080p - YouTube

the Power of X

これ、どうなってるの!? Chris Palmer監督が手掛けたHondaのトリックアートCM「An Impossible Made Possible」 |

fancy fingers

Sony Bravia

Cadbury's Gorilla Advert Aug 31st 2007

L'Odyssee de Cartier


安室奈美恵 / 「Golden Touch」 (from New Album「_genic」)

Exquisite stop motion animation, 'Lost Things', to the song "Sleepwaking" by A Fine Frenzy. Just the kind of whimsical beauty that I love and hope to make myself.

Making a Simple Animal out of Clay.... it's really not that simple...and I LOVE the mouse running around..

# "Fresh Guacamole" @ short stories by PES

Making of - Sony Bravia - San Francisco - YouTube