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  • Elizabeth Infield

    Seth Casteel does underwater dog photography - what a genius idea! This is a black lab named duchess - so cute!!

  • Mary Sedivy

    Funny Dog Photo: I am not Underdog; I am Underwaterdog.

  • GoodNewsTweet

    Underwater dog photos go viral - Seth Casteel has made a living photographing man's best friend. Though he snaps pictures of other animals as well, his "Dogs Underwater" photos have captivated audiences and have since gone viral. The award-winning photog has been featured on "EXTRA," "JEOPARDY!" and in publications such as Dog Fancy Magazine, Dog World and Popular Dogs...

  • Shari Copeland

    Underwater Photography | Underwater dog photography - Imgur

  • Noble Beast

    Underwater dog photography by pet photographer Seth Casteel, of Little Friends Photo.

  • Pete Webb

    Meet The Canine Models of “Underwater Dogs”: Amazing Animal Photography | Babble Pets

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dogs underwater. Lifestyle Pet Photography by Seth Casteel

the AMAZING underwater dog photography of seth casteel