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    It happens!

    • Amber Guitron-Webb

      Funny!-yep, he does this and the funny thing is that he is really hilarious-I don't know how he can still make me laugh about something I have heard 20 times before. but, don't tell him I said so! haha :)

    • Keisha J

      hilarious funny saying: Here are some funny sayings in image format, not much more to say have a LOOK, these sayings will touch your heart and stretch you laugh lines.

    • ZombieDinoShadow

      Laughed so hard I cried at something I talked to myself about!! :) I always tell Jack, "I'm hilarious"... this is a perfect quote

    • Keri Donahue

      This quote totally explains me so well... I can pretty much crack myself up at any given time, and then when people ask me what I'm laughing about I look at them like their crazy!

    • Tasha Medina

      I say things to myself all the time that I know are hilarious but others might not 75 times a day atleast! :)

    • Alli Kaufman

      I do this, but most of the time I dont say things out loud, just in my head...I think thats why it makes it so funny because no one has a clue what Im laughing about

    • Kara Kelly

      I don't talk out loud to myself but I def think about funny stuff and laugh out loud. HILARIOUS!

    • Jessica Bowden

      I can only laugh at this because it is SO true! And I do it all the time

    • Sumit Bohra

      Happens all the time! #funny #quotes Yes, I am secretly hilarious.

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    'tis true.


    Am I the only one?

    Love it when this happens

    LOL!!!!!!!!!! SO TRUE!!!!!



    Please stop mistaking my wonderful sense of humor as flirtation. Just because I make you laugh does not mean I want you. I'm just naturally hilarious.

    Nillionaire Hilarious.,

    think about it

    So me.

    this cracks me up.

    love love love love

    this is true

    Whenever a bird craps on my car...


    :) yep.

    true fact

    It's possible....