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Dunno where I'd put this .... but quite nice. would be good to have protection for outdoor furniture although I like the sun too much I think ..

Bridges That Unite Home and Land...Perhaps the bridge is a decompression chamber that allows one to relax before getting to the destination. An elevated and floating platform with a canopy for a roof and an articulated structure that creates a distinct rhythm all reinforce the bridge as just such a chamber.

I like this a lot...closely resembles an outdoor place where I had lunch while on a day trip of Pompeii/Sorrento, Italy

A walkway along the side of your home can be turned into another outdoor room - just widen it and cover with a pergola or arbor.

Plataforma Arquitecturafrom Plataforma Arquitectura

Remodelación Chilevisión / elton_léniz + Ramírez y Rodríguez

lleno vacío. Inspired by the entry of natural light through the reddish-orange wooden panels.