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"I strike a match and light up another cigar. They say these things will kill me... I hope they do it soon. With the fate of the world looking so hopelessly bleak I don't intend on sticking around to see the bloody end of it."

The perfect picture of a woman: we were made "Ezer Kenegdo" by God himself (from the Hebrew~azar nagad)- Suitable=Essential & Helper=Counterpart (from Genesis 2:18) We are made in the image of God; equal=made to reflect God; but different than man=feminine; to surround protect or aid; an ally~to be conspicuous and to declare. Image by Tsuyoshi Nagano, "Prominence"

i really love skulls but i don't want just a skull and i thought this Indian head dress would be an awesome tattoo with it because i love both

body paint ♡ The most beautiful #BodyArts in the world… #Inspiration #Sexy #Beautiful #Model #Tattoo #BodyPaint #Wallpaper #BodyArts **Like**Pin**Share** ♥ FoLL0W mE @ #ProvenAsTheBest ♥

Baron Samedi (Sagbata alias Lord of the Dead) (African Voodoo God) (Haiti) Zombie Master. Super Strength. Immortality. Invulnerability. Death touch. Black Magic. Divine Powers. Soul Absorption. 6' 6" tall.