done by Hank at Holdfast Tattoos in Perth, Australia.

sail boat tattoo

Sacha Foteev

Paper Boat Tattoo


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Tiny sailboat collarbone tattoo. / I wouldn't get a sailboat but a tiny tattoo like that is really adorable! Maybe an anchor after all

Vegetable (carrot) Tattoo, Vegan Appropriate.

Uh. Love the way the waves are represented. Keeping this for a mosaic

moon phases tattoo

sweet coffee cup [/tea cup] tattoo - super cute, although I'm not sure if it's quite my style

watercolor style boat tattoo. I love love love the splashes of color in the back

"If you want to be happy, be." - Leo Tolstoy / tattoo done by Michael C. Kennedy III at Dead Serious Tattoos in Willow Springs, IL

voilier like the idea of a small frame

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sailboat tattoo

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