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14 Horses with Seriously Crazy Facial Markings « HORSE NATION

Appelsdam Duke's Fancy Guy is an American Saddlebred stallion that makes his home at the incredible Cavalli Estate in South Africa.

Beautiful horses. It's cute the mom's standing tall and the foal's trying the same!

Beautiful dun Akhal Teke stallion (bay + dun). Notice the dun traits: a dorsal stripe, shading over the withers, and shading over part of the face.

A horse with the most unusual markings I've ever seen. It doesn't quite look like a zebroid, a cross between a zebra and a horse. It looks more like a cross between a tiger and a horse ... which, of course, is impossible. But even if you ignore the stripes, it has an unusual color, going from a nearly black back to a lighter belly and legs. An odd horse indeed!