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Street punk style is one branch of the punk rock style. We call it street punk because some people who are fond of the punk style hang on.

Sociological concept- Subculture Punk rock cultures have become a very large subculture through out the UK. The groups share patterns like music, the way they dress and how they style their hair. If you look at this picture it gives you a great idea of what this type of subculture looks like from societies perspective

Four punks, liberty spikes, mohawks, trihawk, punk jackets and vests - gotta love the hair

Never too old to Punk Rock!

Never too old to Punk Rock! / middle aged punk pair / matching couple / alternative fashion / old school punkers /

Rock'n'Roll is in the Soul: unknown.  (their hair gives me life)

Punk Style for Men

AWESOME!!!! Is'nt that Capitol Records in the background!!!! So AWesome!!!!

The deadliest combo ever 'Viva La Revolution'. Even better that's Capitol Records in the background he's flying the bird to. Photographer: unknown for now Skullybloodrider

PUNX Father & Son

You can make a difference without changing who you are. Accept your own uniqueness, and move forward.

Punk Clothes, Punk Rock, Mohawks, Emo, Feminism, Bats, Piercing, Grunge, Alternative

I wanna be your friend. | 23 Pictures That Prove Punks Are Actually Total Softies

23 Pictures That Prove Punks Are Actually Total Softies