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  • Sarah Stewart

    Sight word discovery bottles, and other ideas for learning site words. Could use this one even just for learning/matching letters.

  • Jenny Rodriguez

    cool sight word game. I like the idea. If one of your students finishes before the others hand them this bottle...practice what they see.

  • Jenna Terry

    Kindergarten Fun: Sight Word Discovery Bottles Yay! we JUST made lots of colored rice yesterday! we love discovery bottles, so this will be fun to add to the boring sight word work :)

  • Amie Klump

    Kindergarten Fun: Sight Word Discovery Bottles. NEAT IDEA!!

  • Julie Thomas

    WORD RECOGNITION 2 Site Word Bottles: Fill bottles with colored rice and site words the kids know. They can look freely for the words or can have a sheet with the words on them and check them off when they find them. This would be good for a center because they can be changed out or can be used during a lesson.

  • Cori Anne DeVard

    Sigth word discovery bottles! Fun way for kids to learn sight words.

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Dry erase circles. Who knew? They save me SO much instructional time during the day because I don't have to take time to hand out boards and markers then take them up. I keep a bucket at each table with markers and baby socks and the students get them out when we are working.

Teacher friends.... "No More Name Plates... I have done this since my first year teaching! I had a very smart mentor!"

Appliqued flag. Emiley's 3rd grade classroom rocks!

dandelions and dragonflies: classroom set up

FREE! Set of cute little quote posters to brighten up your space! They are perfect for a classroom library or any other wall that needs some inspiration!

Why did i JUST find this?!? Hundreds of Smartboard Lessons and lesson plans organized by grade and subject. FREE!

Students will learn how to Add on a Number. This worksheet assess students ability to use a number line to help them add numbers together. This worksheet addresses the standard 1.OA.6 adding and subtracting within 20.

Would this not be great if my classroom theme was _ grade rocks. Could have the kids start their day this way to wake the brains up. Then I could video the kids at the end of the year and give a disc to each kid at the end of the year. LMFAO- Party Rock Anthem (Just Dance 3)

Just Dance 2 - Firework - Just Dance Your Way to Katy Perry Contest

Footloose - Shake and Stop Mode - Just Dance 2014 for Kids - Wii U Fitness

STOP - Freeze Game Kids Song- for Kindergarten and maybe 1st grade to get wiggles out.

Just Dance Disney - We're All In This Together (Wii Rip)

Survivor - Eye of the Tiger (Just Dance 1) Brain Break

Just Dance Disney - Under The Sea YouTube

“Herman the Worm” is a popular children’s camp song filled with silly, fun movements. This favorite kid’s song also teaches counting, vocabulary and sequencing. Enjoy this adventure of an adorable worm that your children will want to watch time and time again.

Scrat - Gone Nutty Making Predictions--Inferences Sequence Character Analysis Problem/Solution

Just Dance Kids 2 - Crocodile Rock - Perfect for transitions/Brain Breaks

Just Dance Kids 2 - Jump Up - Perfect for transitions/Brain Breaks

Afro Circus/ I Like To Move It: Music Video...brain break!

My class does this when we need a brain break and it also ends up becoming my warm up for the gym most days....;)

My Aunt Came Back, is a great action song that children love. Each time the aunt returns from a trip she brings back an object that is actually a movement. By the end of the song your entire body is in full motion. This song develops coordination, balance, listening skills and following directions. It's ideal for brain breaks, group activities and indoor recess.

Baby Shark Song ~ great brain break and (silly) fun for rainy day recess or indoor PE {Use with caution ... :) }

Boom Chica Boom - Brain Break (shorter version) OH my second graders are going to LOVE this! I just did the whole song myself! :)