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  • Ava N :-)

    It's SOO fluffy Puppy Dogs We cover the world over 220 countries, 26 languages and 120 currencies Hotel and Flight deals.guarantee the best price

  • Mirna Mamdouh

    They are so Fluffy I m gonna dieeeeee =D

  • Phyliss Satmary Wagner

    pom poms so adorable

  • Christine Hearne

    It's SOO fluffy like a cotton ball that walks and talks! Ahahaha

  • Alexi Fries

    It's SOO fluffy!! If I weren't already an owner of a beautiful kitten named Rorschach I would totally get me one of these addable little dogs.

  • Jill Spiker

    It's SOO fluffy #atlcomputerdude (Animals are in need of adoption, visit to adopt or donate)

  • Marisa Waits

    Fluffy, fluffy. Teacup white Pomeranian!!!

  • Alexa Prophete

    It's SOO fluffy i'm gonna die!!!

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It's so fluffy! ---OMG! My chest is going to explode! Super happy panic! I wanna squeeze, squish, hug face!!!!

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