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7// Acquire at least three new skills during your year. Suggestions - photography, skydiving, computer programming, martial arts. The key is not to become an expert at any of them, but to become functionally proficient. Cost variable, but any would likely be less than three credits at a traditional university.

Since my first jump 12 years ago - my life has made more sense, been felt more deeply and given me a better view of life. #LifeChanger

I still cannot believe I did this! 6/15/14 I am marking it off my bucket list. It taught me not to be scared of anything, but to live your wildest dreams. I need to do this again one day!

#Challenges #Kickass Skydiving Picture What challenges have you done? How did you feel? Why did you do it?

skydiving I believe I was on the first diamond ever built. It was built at Pacific Parachute Center in Sheridan Or. on10/22/78. If anybody knows of an earlier one, please let me know.

Pretty sure I would be terrified, but I know I would be do exhilarated afterwards! #bucketlist #skydiving

Pretty sure I've decided to add this to my bucket list. I'm terrified to do it, but I really think I want to.

I can't wait till I get to stand on the edge of a plane, 2 miles up, and see the ground from above. It will probably take my breath away. :)

108 Skydivers, I'm an art painter, psychic and healer but most of it I like beauty, music, films, real science, real love, arts, my first love is life and I defend it all the way, check more here, www.ninaohmanarts...,

Went skydiving for the first time earlier in the Fall. SO thrilling!

skydive1 Once you pull the's so quiet and beautiful.