"Oh hey! I just love these things! ... Crunchy on the outside and a chewy center!" --- The Far Side

Far Side :)

Someone is laughing hysterically upon seeing this...and someone else is staring blankly and thinking 'wait, what?' It's kind of a geek thing. :D

Far Side

Gary Larson Cartoons

One of my all time favorites from the Far Side by Gary Larsen

The Far Side

Far Side

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the far side

The Far Side - Gary Larson

love Gary Larson!!!!! AAAAHHHHH!

the far side | the-far-side.jpg

Far Side

The Far Side - Gary Larson ❤️❤️❤️ Far Side comics

Gary Larson

The Far Side cartoons

The Far Side gotta love Gary Larson!! :-)

Far Side :)