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Nintendo. Ohhhh yeeeaaahhh.

Remember blowing in the games when they would freeze? My husband still has the games from when he was little. We just need to buy a nintendo.

Slater y Waldorf

Slater y Waldorf, los viejos Muppets

Poster-Statler-Waldorf-Old-School-Muppets Zach & Jonah

My childhood. ❤ #Nintendo #SuperMarioBros

DIY Glass Pearl and Swarovski Crystal Bracelet. Step by step tutorial. This is a fairly easy project. It's great if you're trying to learn simple jewelry making techniques.

vintage 70´s barbie doll - Buscar con Google

**** Loved this doll house**** This is neat with the old furniture the way that it was and everything: Vintage Barbie Townhouse with Lots of Furniture

Duck Hunt Nes Art

Legend of Ace: Favorite Old School Video Game i love duck hunt! that stupid dog used to make me so mad when you miss a duck and he laughs at you!

Nintendo - Super Mario Bros

Lo que le debo a los videojuegos

Recall played it with my brother . and pause the game everytime he jumped off the cliff (Mario I mean, of course). just to drive him crazy :) Original Mario Bros

The legend of Zelda: The minish cap

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap GameBoy Advance) Best zelda game ever!


The original Nintendo NES System in North America. Home gaming revolution. Great graphics, but most importantly, you can save your game progress from game-to-game.

This is the cartridge and accessory that came with NES consoles (at least here in Canada)

The 15 Most Popular Toys Of The 80's

Nintendo Duck Hunt: Kids these days have no idea what it’s like to be taunted by a laughing dog. You really have to feel bad for them!

DE TODO UN POCO: Cosas que olvidaste de los 90′s y que hicieron de ...

35 things you will never see again. but you'll want to tell your kids about. Blockbuster Video had. Few good years working there in college!