Explore Flavored Ice Cubes, Lemon Ice Cubes, and more!

Beautiful idea for backyard picnic or brunches

GET FANCY WITH ICE CUBES! Add Herbs or Fruit to Your Ice Cubes. I love the iced tea ice cubes! Or the mint sprigs in the ice cubes to flavor your tea. Caramel/hazelnut milk cubes adds a special flare to ur iced coffee!

Make ordinary ice cubes into delicious, refreshing and pretty summer treats...perfect for any backyard celebration! ==

Mint Ice Cubes

Make ordinary ice cubes into delicious, refreshing and pretty summer treats.perfect for any backyard celebration! Our mint ice cubes are easy for little chefs

Potion magique

Can't remember the last time I bought Koolaid or let my kids drink pop, but hey - fun summer activity. KoolAid ices cubes in sprite. The drink changes flavor as the ice melts.

Use a muffin tray to make large ice cubes with lemon for pitchers and glassware - just put lemons in ice trays to make a lemon last longer when I am the only one having them.

Use muffin pan to make large Ice cubes for a pitcher of iced tea. Floating lemon slices in the cubes is a good idea too. In fact, make the ice cubes out of tea.

Layered ice cubes with different flavors servered in seltzer.

Striped ice cubes for color block cocktails. made of alternating layers of fruit nectars and an Italian aperitif. Once the cubes are frozen, drop them into glasses of seltzer and watch as they flavor the fizz.

In an ice cube tray, fill with flavored waters/Kool Aid/Crystal Light/etc. then pour over with Sprite....and maybe some vodka?! Delicious summer drink idea!

Rainbow drink -make colored ice cubes (with kool aid or juice), stack in tall glasses and pour in ginger ale.jpg Instead just some blue kool-aid and grape kool-aid as ice cubes with sprite or or ginger ale.

Handig: een glas voor dipsaus in de schaal met chips zetten.

Good idea for an instant chip/dip set. Put a wine glass filled with dip in the center of a bowl and fill with chips. Also works with a margarita glass for tortilla chips and salsa.

Homemade Italian Cream Sodas

Dessert non-alcoholic drinks-Homemade ITALIAN CREAM SODAS! Easy and a fraction of the cost of ordering one at a restaurant.

Geladinhos refrescantes

Regular Lemonade, Iced Tea, Mango Orange Juice, and Lemon/Lime Flavored Water. Non-Alcoholic beverage options for a wedding.