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Never judge a child. Open minds & open hearts will open doors to learning. This applies to anyone working with kids.

Behavior is an Iceberg....uh...another reminder that I need to be a more patient and sensitive parent

Behavior is an Iceberg

Janet Lansbury

To mums who thinks kids are bad because their parents are bad - please breathe this in. Your kid is good too! So true!

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Explaining ADHD

An Inside Look at ADHD Infographic. Children with type 2 ADHD often exhibit a number of strengths, including an eagerness to try new things and a hard working spirit. Take a look at this Philadelphia children’s behavior info graphic .

Ha ha

POSTER: 15 Funny Facts About Real Teachers- the desruction of the rainforest one made me laugh

I will teach to my best ability but ultimately they are your children.  Maybe one day parents will understand this!

So true! Teachers have an important role, but the family is equally and even more important in a child's education! There must be a partnership between the family and teacher for the child to have the most success!

Every day!

Franklin Habit knows that teaching is easy - all you need are the skills you'd need to "pilot a bus full of live chickens, backwards, with no brakes, down a rock road through the Andes, while providing colorful and informative commentary on the scenery.

Words of wisdom.....

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Teacher humor. You know you're a teacher when...

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You know you are a true teacher when.I love the ones about our 2 bathroom breaks and how quickly we eat lunch, SO TRUE!

WowGags! Crazy Things People Say to Teachers

Funny pictures about Crazy things people say to teachers. Oh, and cool pics about Crazy things people say to teachers. Also, Crazy things people say to teachers.

Behavior management paper to send home for those really hard kids. Accompanying posters for good and poor behavior. Paper in English and Spanish. FREE Download

Part of my behavior plan this year, a note to send home for those few difficult children. It goes along with my colored "good behavior" and "poor behavior" charts.