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Week-21  Souvenir shop@Talinn, Estonia

Week-21 Souvenir shop@Talinn, Estonia

@Tallin, Estonia

@Tallin, Estonia

pães na janela, bicicleta decorativa

Station Look at this bakery window display. Why would a bakery have so many different kinds of bread? Jot down your ideas in your notebook. Be ready to share!

@Gent, Belgium

@Gent, Belgium

COLOURS Blue ~ Cyan ~ Navy ~ Azure ~ Slate blue ~ Royal blue

Love this of wispy on the windowsill . love the odd-shaped windows btw, and the doily with fruit, sheer curtains . beautiful vignette for a cottage or farmhouse style windowsill !

Queensland, Australia.

Nudey Beach, Fitzroy Island, Queensland, Australia Artist (my favorite): Peter Lik I love this artist, he's all around my home (including this pic!

Architecture coloniale en Nouvelle Calédonie (volet 2

Southbank Christmas Market is a traditional Christmas market with lots of wooden stalls, hot food, mulled wine by the river!

Hill Village of La Alberca Near Salamanca, Castile, Spain

Hill Village of La Alberca Near Salamanca, Castile, Spain Photographic Print

Glass Balcony at Sears Tower

This is completely authentic. Visitors to the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, Chicago's Sears Tower, can now survey the Windy City from glass balconies that jut out from the building, providing a unique view, feet in the air.