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    • Lynn Hopper

      Huggabunch! This brings back some childhood memories!

    • Jonnah Coffel

      Hugga Bunch Dolls! I had one as a kid and I LOVED it but they look kinda creepy now that i am an adult. lol

    • Steph Contreras

      HUGGA BUNCH dolls! I had so many of these! Always thought they red headed ones looked like Richard Simmons :P I always took my sisters!!!!

    • Jamie Tinnie

      Are you a girl who grew up in the 80s and 90s?

    • Staci Riner

      Hugga Bunch Dolls! I had the red haired one. Her name was Tickles & she had a baby bunch, Gigglett

    • ◆ Penny ◆

      Hugga Bunch, I had the one with orange hair so cute!

    • Francesca Bauer

      Hugga Bunch. Had a Huggabunch lunchbox.

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    i remember the day i stood in front of the mirror in my closet, and cried. because i was hugging my hugga bunch but i wasn't going through the mirror.

    I absolutely had this! Two, actually, since the velcro that made them "hug" started to tear the dress. And I watched the strange and slightly creepy HuggaBunch movie, too.

    Remember the Hugga Bunch movie?? The girl (Bridget) stepped through the mirror in her room to get Young Berries for her Grams.. LOVED that move.. Wasn't fond of her jerk brother though lol

    Huggabunch dolls. I even had the movie. Dont know how these didnt scare me but My buddy did. These are very scary and weird looking dolls to me as an adult.

    Hugga Bunch!! I still have mine in my parents attic. I need to get it for Ansleigh.

    Remember the Hugga Bunch? HOLY CRAP, I forgot all about these, I loved them:)

    me and my sister Amanda would walk to Orland Video and rent this every week!

    This is Patooty, the HuggaBunch doll Mom got me back in the '80s...

    Her name is Huggins and I still have her. I also have an Impkins, she's purple. They're slightly creepy, but I love them. :)

    The Hugga Bunch | 10 Totally Forgotten '80s Girl Toy Lines I still have them, most people don't even know what they are when I talk about them!