• Abigail Solazzo

    Cover a toilet paper tube in peanut butter and roll in bird seed. Then just slide it on a branch. Great idea, if I can get past re-using the toilet paper roll. Maybe paper towel roll instead?

  • Jennie Henderson

    Coat old toilet paper / paper towel rolls in peanut butter, roll in birdseed, and slip onto a tree branch to make easy little bird feeders! SO cool since I can't find any "normal" pinecones up here...and I do have lots of toilet paper rolls. Haha...

  • Emily @ I Love My Classroom

    Toilet paper bird feeders - toilet paper roll, bird seed, and peanut butter - hang with yarn, or directly on the branch

  • Lisa Lou

    A toilet paper roll covered in peanut butter then rolled in bird seed. Just hang on a tree branch & you've got a bird feeder!

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