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How to grow an avocado tree in a container ?

It is so easy to grow saplings of the avocado fruit tree (Persea americana) in different types of containers (yogurt pots, bottles, trays.  An excellent method to save water with ...

Avocado or Persea americana is very easy for experimenting with hydroponics. Take the kernel or pit (this is actually the seed) from the avocado, let it soak in water to germinate the seed and plant it in earth or in passive hydroponics.

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13 Highly Important Facts About Avocados

Avocado trees can’t pollinate by themselves. If they’re gonna bear fruit, they need another avocado tree nearby. | 13 Highly Important Facts About Avocados

Dwarf Avocado Tree 'Little Cado' in a wine barrel. Late summer to early winter fruit-bearing. (Dwarf version of the Hass Avocado.) Not cold hardy.