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  • Corrie Marcum

    Noel Spritzer: a sparkling cocktail from Betty Crocker, featuring dry white wine and cranberry apple juice. Perfect for Christmas!

  • Boston Park Plaza

    Noel Spritzer Recipe Ingredients: 2 cups chilled dry white wine, nonalcoholic wine or apple juice 1 cup chilled cranberry-apple juice drink 1 cup chilled sparkling water Apple slices, if desired Fresh mint, if desired Directions: 1. Mix wine, juice drink and sparkling water. 2. Serve over ice. Garnish with apple slices and mint. #holidays

  • Debbie Porter

    Noel Spritzer Recipe - Holiday Cocktails and Drinks

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This #sangria idea from Dine X Design | Kristin Guy is genius. Grilled Peach and Brandy Pineapple Sangria Popsicle Spheres - use Marqués de #Cáceres Verdejo White wine!

#Warre's PORTonic - mix equal parts #Warre's Fine White Port and tonic water in a tall glass, serve over ice and garnish with lime. #winecocktail #Symington Family Wines

Raspberry Rosé Sorbet (with Marques de #Caceres Rosé)

Blackberry Sangria -1 bottle Marques de #Caceres red wine -6.5 ounces of Tuaca -14 ounces of Monin Blackberry Mix Syrup -14 ounces of cranberry juice -1 small can Sprite -1/2 cup blackberries

Peach Billini -2 ripe peaches, seeded and diced -1 tablespoon freshly squeezed -lemon juice -1 teaspoon sugar -1 bottle chilled #BulletinPlace Moscato wine

This gorgeous Blueberry Ginger Bellini uses blueberries & blueberry juice paired with fresh ginger to make a refreshing sipper! Use #MANFamily Wines Brut Sparkling wine for this!

Overnight Sangria Recipe 3 oranges, thinly sliced 4 lemons, thinly sliced 4 limes, thinly sliced 1 1/2 cups sugar 1/2 cup tequila 1 bottle #NeilEllis Sauvignon Blanc, chilled 1 bottle #Delamotte Brut NV Champagne, chilled 2 cups club soda 2 cups lemonade

Wine, Cocktails Marqués, Marked, Champagne, Caceres

Wine, Cocktails Marqués, Marked, Recipe, Champagne, Food, Caceres, Infographic

Make this Tropical Pineapple Sangria with #BulletinPlace Moscato or August #Kesseler Risling and feel like you are on a tropical vacation right in your own living room! #sangria #cocktail

Pink Lemonade Champagne: pink lemonade - concentrate, champagne, vanilla vodka, sugar for rim. #ConoSur Brut Sparkling

Use #Mohua Sauvignon Blanc for this Margarita Sangria recipe - it will have you wondering why you haven't thought to mix the two sooner...

use #Delamotte Champagne or #ConoSur Brut Sparkling wine for this fabulous watermelon champagne cocktail!

Recipe: Breakfast Sangria1 pink grapefruit 1 navel orange 2 limes 1 cup Cointreau 1 750ml bottle #BulletinPlace Moscato 12 to 24 ounces plain or grapefruit sparkling water

Caribbean Tropical Sangria Video : use #Fairview #LaCapra Sauvignon Blanc!

Kalimotxo by HonestlyYUMAdd equal parts Marques de Caceres Red wine and Coca Cola to a glass, add ice and garnish with lime.

This Watermelon Sangria is summer in a glass! Fresh watermelon, strawberries, & lemons with #BulletinPlace Pinot Grigio

Kick off your summer with the ultimate sangria- featuring Fireball Whiskey for an extra punched up flavor! 1 cup orange peach mango juice (Dole makes this) 1 cup Fireball whiskey 1 bottle #GoatsdoRoam Red wine bag frozen mixed fruit

Wild Rose Petal Sangria- a refreshing summer drink that is lightly floral and soothing to the soul - this would be perfect with #LaVieilleFerme Rosé form Famille #Perrin! | www.feastingathom...

Strawberry Riesling Slushie -2 cups hulled strawberries -1 bottle #ConoSur Bicicleta Riesling -1tbsp lemon juice -2tbsp sugar Puree strawberries, riesling, lemon juice and sugar in a food processor until liquid. Process in an ice cream maker until done. Serve.

Make single-serve sangria with just four ingredients. | 17 Recipes Every Lazy Girl Needs To Know. Wine, orange liqueur, raspberries, and club soda. Done.

Raspberry Lemonade Sparkling Sangria -use #NeilEllis Sauvignon Blanc

Sour Apple Champagne Cocktail 2 from willcookforsmiles... #cocktail #champagne

Big-batch mimosa pitchers for boozy brunch