I like this a lot.

Think before you Speak: True Helpful Inspiring Necessary Kind

Anger rules printable

Cute # Pin++ for Pinterest #

Make this and display in classroom

wow.. something to remember..

A great reminder of what to do when you're BORED. Have you... Been creative? Outside play? Read a book? Exercised 20 minutes? Done something helpful?

Finally validated :D!

Visual cue for those who need a reminder

Cute; love the bright colors. Would be great for kids room.

Toothpaste Squirt Lesson for teaching kids not to be rude and put down others....OMG I did this on the first day of school and it really stuck with the kids

Good Idea

I would love to have this for my dining room or whereever my little kitchen table is.

For the students AND the teacher!

wise Bob Marley

If only all parents would tell their children this!

lots of behavior management ideas...this one would be cute for the 5th graders


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